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Kellar Investment Realty

Our Experience

   Kellar Investment Realty was founded in 1972 by Edward D. Kellar. Headquartered in the South San Francisco “Bay Area”, the company specializes in the acquisition, management and development of multi-family housing and commercial projects in carefully qualified areas. Most projects are company owned, though as a General Partner, Kellar Investment Realty has formed many profitable partnerships for the acquisition of investment real estate in excess of an overall equity range of $100,000,000. The company’s conservative approach to property selection coupled with quality professional management, proper capital improvements and aggressive marketing skills at resale have resulted in the formation of many successful real estate ventures.

Our Confidence

   Kellar Investment Realty and our past investors alike have discovered that select quality multi-family investments are a sound and profitable investment niche. Market analysis indicates that in the approaching years the demand for quality homes and rental housing will remain strong, with single and multi-family home ownership continuing to be a profitable endeavor. At Kellar Investment Realty, the depth and breadth of our knowledge and experience inspires confidence in our ability to select, acquire, and present the best investment opportunities available.